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Before You Buy

CONGRATULATIONS! You are considering your first purchase of virgin extensions or perhaps you are a frequent buyer. Either way we have some tips and information that we hope will assist you in making the best possible purchase for your new look as well as for your pocket.



We offer 100% Virgin extensions in the following hair types


  • INDIAN HAIR– This hair is light and bouncy. It holds curls well and is easy to style. It must be mentioned that it can become frizzy in humid weather so an anti -frizz product would be needed to control this.
  • PERUVIAN HAIR-The ultimate ‘GO TO’ hair. This hair blends beautifully with most hair types. It is coarser than Malaysian and Brazilian Hair.
  • BRAZILIAN HAIR-Versatile and lovely This is the most requested virgin hair. It is a durable and thick type of hair that is well suited to blending with relaxed hair.
  • MONGOLIAN HAIR- Heavier hair that is much thicker in texture and density than other virgin hair types yet it maintains a soft texture. This is the ideal choice for kinky and very curly styles.
  • CAMBODIAN HAIR-Not as coarse as Peruvian but more so than Brazilian. Good option for those who prefer a more natural relaxed look. It holds curls well with lots of bounce and shine.
  • MALAYSIAN HAIR-The obvious choice for those with a finer texture of hair. Sleek and shiny and performs beautifully in humidity. It is extremely low maintenance.
  • VIETNAMESE HAIR-Full bodied with beautiful bounce, texture and versatility. It is heavier in density than Indian hair.





Extensions should look as natural and realistic as possible. As a guide we recommend that you take your height into consideration when selecting the lengths. If you are around 5’ 5” tall, then a good length would be up to 18in to 20in maximum. Also bear in mind that the longer the extensions, the more bundles are needed to achieve a full look. We also recommend that you consider your lifestyle when selecting not just the length but also the type of curl. Do you use the gym daily? Do you visit the beach each weekend? Does your place of employment have set guidelines about hair colour and loose hair? Above all remember the longer the extensions the more time and effort needed to maintain and care for them and this is especially so with curly extensions.


Virgin extensions are free from processes with the cuticles intact. These processes include bleaching, dyeing, chemical treatments, perming or colouring in anyway. Therefore, true virgin hair is usual dark brown to medium brown in colour.

While we offer extensions in colour options such as jet black, blonde, ombre, red, grey and platinum, please note that these bundles can no longer be called ‘virgin’ hair, however we offer the best in durable high performing hair in a colour of your choice. We highly recommend that if you decide on colour extensions that you choose one that enhances your complexion. As a guide, blonde tones are recommended for lighter complexions and burgundy or copper for darker tones.




If you have a larger than normal head, it is best to take an extra bundle just as a precaution.





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